5 Tasks to Have Great Local Small Business SEO in Canada

When it comes to competing with the world for search engine real estate, SEO is a beast to be reckoned with. However, when it comes to local small business SEO, it’s more like a cat; easy to please if you know how to.
Local small business SEO is becoming more important everyday as more people are using their mobile phones to search, shop and compare. When someone searches for “pizza” or “wine” in Google on their phone, Google uses their location in assuming they’re looking for pizza or wine nearby.
Try searching for the type of business that you represent on your phone and see if you show up within the top three. If you don’t show up, completing these five tasks will help you dramatically. If you do show up, it’s still worth going through these tasks to remain at the top (Your competition might be reading this.)
Here is the shortened form of the task-list so that you can come back any time to be reminded on what to do;

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