Why You Need Instagram Marketing in Your Canadian Small Business

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Instagram Marketing Targets Visuals

The biggest reason you should consider Instagram marketing is because Instagram is all about visuals.

Why is that important? A study done by MIT in 2014 shows that we can process information from an image in as little time as 13 milliseconds.

Try compressing an entire film or song in to 13 milliseconds and understand what you had just seen or heard. It simply wont work. But, if you flash an image of a smiling couple, or a crying baby, or something that can evoke a well-known emotion, you will know what you had seen.

In marketing, one of our main objectives is to figure out how to connect well-known positive emotions with what it is we are trying to sell.

A study done at the University of Minnesota shows that we can process imagery about 60,000 times faster than text. Let’s do a quick experiment with this: “Imagine a palm tree leaning over with a beach further off. The sun is high, the sky is blue with a few fluffy clouds off in the distance. The tree also has coconuts at the base of the leaves, probably ready to drop. Also on the beach is….”

To complete the experiment, Check out this Google image search of ‘palm tree’ .

As you can see with these images, you were able to grasp what I wanted to show you in a fraction of a second compared to the description that I had typed out.

This is very important in marketing. Images more naturally evoke emotions. When being marketed to, we are being asked to decide in that emotional state. In that situation, we are more likely to buy than compared to when we use a more logical part of the brain while reading. When in that logical, rational state, people are less likely to buy or even consider buying.

Also (many people don’t know this), but if you plan on advertising on Instagram or Facebook, there is a limit to how much text that you put in an image. This is not designed for the marketer’s benefit, but rather the user experience. Nonetheless, a good marketer will see this as a good thing since visuals are the first sense that we want to target in most cases.

Instagram Marketing Reaches a Lot of People

Instagram is one of the biggest and fastest growing social media platforms out there. There are over 400 million active users on Instagram in 2016. The biggest demographic on Instagram are millennials ages 18 to 24 earning between $50000-$74000 per year. That’s a market in its prime ready for picking.

It’s been reported that about 23% of Canadians have an Instagram account. Today, that’s over 8.5 million Canadians who are using Instagram. More than half of those users are logging in daily. It’s no wonder that Instagram marketing is becoming more popular.

Instagram Marketing Has the Highest Engagement

Instagram has the highest interactions per post with their followers than any other social media platform by a longshot. For every 1000 followers, on average 50-70 people are interacting on a post. When it comes to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, they only have an average of 0 to 10 people interacting.

Audiences are not only liking photos, but they are also commenting and visiting profiles more frequently than any other social media. When managing your social media, you should be responding to every legitimate comment that you can. This will just boost and reinforce your interaction even further. Make sure to use the link section in your bio to steer your audience to your website.

It’s important to know that Instagram also has a geo-location feature, which basically means that people can find you when they are searching the city or town that you are in. If you are posting regularly, locals will find you and follow you simply because you’re local. From there, that single follower may recommend you to several people for your product or service. Instagram marketing is very effective because of the high engagement.


Instagram Marketing is the Place to Showcase

Instagram is the best way to showcase what you have to offer. No matter what business you are in, you can show off what it is that you do or create using images. You can show off where it happens and how it happens. You can show who else is involved besides yourself. You can share your story with your audience more intimately.


Show off as much as you can. You will begin to build your audience and they will interact. Use the geo-location feature on every post you create. Post your best images and use filters if it accentuates your photo. Here’s a bonus tip: Use images with blue. It’s shown that on average you will have more interaction than images dominated by other colours. With time and patience, Instagram is a marketers dream.